If there is a need to have multiple config files (wd-options.cfg) this can be setup. For that the operator will get a (verbose) screen shown right before WipeDrive starts with a selection which config should be loaded. 

User case for this might be that there is 1 ISO loaded on all types of hardware. Like Servers might need slightly different settings then needed for PC's and Laptops, as where Windows tablets will need a different one too. 

For this a FTP location is needed. If you're running an iPXE server in Windows or Linux this can be done on this same machine. If no FTP is setup, Global Lifecycle Solutions EMEA can host the config files for you is needed. Internet on the wiping rig is needed for that. In the FTP server you can make a folder named something like 'config-files'. Try to avoid spaces in the folder name. In here you make new folders like 'server', 'normal' and 'apple', In here all the right config files are placed. 

When done, send below information to our support team at support@global-emea.com 

The IP or URL of the FTP (can be vsFTP, sFTP, FTPs),

If set, the user and password of this FTP,

The folder structure where the files are located,

Once done, they will reply with the needed files that need to be added to the ISO or on the USB. 

If you have any issue during the setup of the software, config files or anything else, please contact us via one of below options. 


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Our official support hours are 8:00 am to 16:30 pm, after those hours emailing us or submitting a ticket would be the best option.