Apple hardware might have some issues with the Secure Erasure. Some models will hang on 100.01%, some of those will pass this moment after xx time/hours. During this process you cannot turn off the machine. If you turn it off in this process, it might brick the hard drive. 

The cause of this relies the firmware added on the drive to make it work better with Apple. 

This can be turned off for those machines. Advised is to use the NIST 3 pass for those machines. 

In the wd-options.cfg the feature for Secure erasure can be turned off by removing the '#' from the line "dont-use-secure-erase=true"

"wipe-level=O"  [O from Oscar]

In the GUI it can be found under options, 1st tab, left column. Deselect all the Secure Erasure options from here. 

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