It can happen that when booting WipeDrive, some systems will encounter an error seen as 'Kernel Panic' which essentially means that the Linux kernel crashed during the booting process. Sometimes it can be seen once a boot menu option is selected and the loading text stops at the message: "initializing Kernel", and sometimes the error is seen as Linux loads as text scrolls after the main splash screen. If error messages aren't clear, sometimes trying builds with newer/older kernels can give additional info as error messages might be different. Since this error can sometimes be of general cause, and that there are different types of this, examples will be listed below, along with suggestions for quick solutions.


WipeDrive Freezes at Initializing Kernel

Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

Usually means that WipeDrive is having a tough time loading a certain driver. Either updating the customer to the latest version, or to a build with a different kernel version can have positive results. Sometimes this issue can be caused by the system not having enough RAM.


Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

Kernel Panic - init not found

Kernel panic - not syncing: no working init found

These reasons are due to the machine not having enough RAM. Increasing the RAM should get rid of this error message. It is recommended that computers have 4GB+ of RAM, but in some cases, as little as 2GB has worked. If the system has plenty of RAM, sometimes recreating the bootable USB can have positive results.

Kernel Panic – not syncing: attempt to kill the idle task! 

This will happen is an not matching kernel is used. This will work with an older kernel, email us at to request an older kernel. 


Kernel Panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt

Alludes to something that was loaded upon boot is not supported by the CPU. Although this is not a specific message, one thing that can be tried is to add a kernel parameter to the boot menu configuration file (grub.cfg). The option that should be added is 'mce=off' and should be inserted into the kernel parameters section of the boot menu entry.



menuentry "WipeDrive" {

    linux /isolinux/vmlinux i915.modeset=0 mce=off splash=silent,theme:default console=tty1 cdroot libata.allow_tpm=1

    initrd /isolinux/initrd


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