It's not possible to give an exact answer on the question; "how long does it take to wipe a drive?". 

There are many factors that will make any wiping time different.  Here a list of things that can affect the wiping times. 

  • Drive condition: warn off drives might be slower.
  • Remapped sectors: Wiping them might take more time.
  • Locked DCO: to open it, we add a bit of more time.
  • Secure erasure: sometimes the Secure Erasure can add extra time. 
  • Verification: the more % you verify, the longer it takes.
  • Drive RPM: drive do Spin with 5.2K to 15K, 5.2k is slower than 15K.
  • Write-Read speed: flash storage work with Write-Read speeds. 
  • Drive Size: the bigger the longer.
  • Overwrite pattern: single passes or multi passes make time differences. 
  • Bad/Dirty sectors: drives with bad/dirty sectors can be slower. 
  • Wipe over USB: Wiping over USB (external HDD) will take much more time. 

So, from only the question on how long it takes its hard to give a solid number. Each drive can act different.

Some wiping examples we have are, but will be never be a guaranteed time:

300GB     15K SAS drive takes approx. 23 min. 

500GB     7.2K SATA drive takes approx. 40 min. 

1000GB   7.2K SATA drive takes approx.  70 min.

1024GB   NVMe SATA drive takes approx. 17 min. 

Those times are from drives that are wiped with a single pass with 10% verification. No errors found on them, but mostly older drives to give a realistic wiping time. 

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