When processing iOS devices you can load a new iOS on that device after the wipe. 

This will be the latest available iOS for that model. As this will be downloaded while wiping the device this might consume some bandwidth. In some warehouses this is an issue so WipeDrive Mobile does support a timed download. 

You can find this under: settings > Device Software

On the left side:

Change path:   You can select a folder to save the data at. 

Open Folder:    This will open the folder you've selected. 

Delete downloaded files:     This will delete all files you've downloaded. 

On the right side: 

You can select the option to use the timed download for iPhone and/or iPad & iPod.

Once you've selected the location you want to save the files at, you can select which files you want to save. 

After that you can select the time of downloading. This can be during or after working hours or not at a particular time of the day. 

With the "start download now" you can start the download. Even if you're in the time that is not selected in the timed download, it will start the download. 

Once done, you can select "save". 

WipeDrive Mobile does offer the option to have 1 dedicated machine in the network which acts like a server. This machine will download the iOS and when another machine needs an iOS it will be deployed from here. This will allow you to save more bandwidth as only 1 machine downloads the files. 

To get this setup, make sure the machine has a static IP and share our support team this IP so we can add it to the profile.

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