Yes, to do a full process the device must be activated. However, WipeDrive Mobile will have various features and options to speed up this process and take minutes of the processing time. 

As the activation of iOS and Android will work slightly different, you can find here below the options. 


Any android device that need to be processed must be activated. You can do this manually or via a NFC tag or QR code. For this you need to make sure all network settings are setup properly. 

The NFC Tag: The tag must be a Type 2 - NTAG216 which should support read and write. 

How to turn on debug mode manually: Go to Settings > device > Device information > Tab build number 7 times > a new option will appear: developer mode (this is mostly found 1 step/page back) > open this page > turn on debug mode. In some cases you need to turn if off and on again to make it work. In the new popup you need to confirm you would like to trust this machine. 

Each model type or OS version can have a slightly different order or layout. 

The options for NFC tag is the best option as it is fast and needs less interaction. More information can be found below at "Android activation". 


For iOS you do not need to activate the device. Verify and Wipe will work in all states. If you need to Diagnose the device the software will activate the device for you. It might take a few moments longer. This will be 1 to 2 minutes.


iOS devices that are locked with a FMI lock can be verified and wiped, but cannot be activated and therefor cannot be diagnosed.

Android devices must be activated as an app needs to be pushed to the devices. This will be happening with all options, but the app needs to be pushed only once. If the device has a Google account it will not work. 

Important settings:

To automate activation it's important the Network settings are setup properly. You can find them under: Tools > settings > Network.

Here you can add a Proxy setting (if needed) and you can add the WiFi settings here as well. This is what we push to the mobile devices. 

Android Activation: 

To setup a fast way for Android activation the NFC tag option would be best. If no tag is available (yet) a QR code can be used. You can find all the settings for this when the software is started. 

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