Some newer machine that have an Optane drive might give an error like:
Found 1 Remapped NVMe devices. Please switch your BIOS from RAID to AHCI if you wish to wipe these devices.

In this case you have to switch the drive BIOS setting from RAID to AHCI mode. 

It might be that the BIOS does not show the option to make those changes.  In cases like this you might need to search on the wb if there is an option to do this. As an example does ACER not have this feature in the BIOS, but they do have an hidden feature; CTRL + S. 

See more information in below link:

If the BIOS does not support the AHCI mode at all, like with the Dell Inspiron 7490, this means the machine does not support any other software than Windows. In this case WinPE is needed.

In below example there is no option to change the SATA settings, it's either "RAID on" or "Disable" the whole SATA drive. He WinPE will solve the issue.

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