If a reports shows "Drive has DCO features but they have been locked out prior to WipeDrive Running" it means that the DCO area is untouched.

If the DCO is locked, WipeDrive will not be able to detect the DCO. The machine should warn you before the wipe and put itself to sleep for a short time in order to remove the lock. If it is unable to remove the lock, you will see the following message in the audit file: 

In order to bypass this, you will need to power-cycle the drive by unplugging the drive while WipeDrive is running (but before a wipe) and then attaching the drive again. There are cases however where the DCO lock cannot be bypassed. In this case, the total amount of sectors overwritten can be compared with the sector counts documented in official specification sheets made public by the respective hard drive manufacturers, and in doing so the user may be able to determine complete erasure of the drive despite the DCO configuration being locked. 

You can try to force a sleep mode if the drive has a DCO lock. 



"device sleep mode" options are: 

auto - will attempt without prompting

skip - skips attempt

prompt - prompt to sleep or not

force - force sleep mode (good for testing- added 9.1.4)

You might want to make sure a secure erase is preformed during the wipe process. 

You can find the settings in the config file (wd-options.cfg) 



So make sure the # is in front of those lines. 

In the GUI you can check both boxes for this feature.

So make sure the # is in front of the lines or the boxes are checked, this will make sure it access the DCO and clears it.

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