Before you can use the 'Embedded version' you need to get the WipeDriveWizard.exe file and embed the wd-options.cfg in to it. 

Make sure both files are in the same folder (Sub-folder on desktop) and you navigate to this folder in the command prompt (CMD) launched as administrator.  (Click on start > search cmd > right-click and run as admin)

In the command line you can find the folder by typing in first: cd \  than cd Users\[name of the user]\Desktop\[folder name]

In my example I have a folder named Folder on the Desktop of my machine (named: global) 

So in the command line I need to command below

Now you can give the command shown below to get the wd-options.cfg file in the .exe file

WipeDriveWizard.exe --embed-config=C:\Users\global\Desktop\Folder\wd-options.cfg

You can do the same for the network.cfg file if needed. 

WipeDriveWizard.exe --embed-config=C:\Users\global\Desktop\Folder\network.cfg

It should give the line "successfully embedded configuration!"

In case it fails, you can retry it but make sure you remove the newly created file from the folder. 

The error message would be: Unable to embed the configuration file


If you have any issue during the setup of the software, config files or anything else, please contact us via one of below options. 

   |   Email us   |   Submit a ticket   |   Give us a call    |


Our official support hours are 8:00 am to 16:30 pm, after those hours emailing us or submitting a ticket would be the best option.