If the wipe failes with message: Cancelled by user but the operator did not cancelled anything this is due to the settings. It has failed on behalf of the operator.

Most likely the setting for smart test are set to "Fail on smart fail" is set. You can outcommand this feature to avoid this error. 

Another way would be to change the parameters of the failure limit. So in stead of a limit of 100 remapped sectors, you can make it 1000. In this last option it can still fail, but it allows more errors. 

Settings related to this setup: 

# By default WipeDrive will attempt to erase drives that are considered "bad"

# based on their overall SMART health status. If the company policy is to 

# physically destroy bad drives, it's a considerable speed improvement to fail 

# those drives immediately.


# Setting this will cause WipeDrive to stop processing a failed drive once the

# chosen threshold of errors has been met. If your company's policy is to 

# physically destroy bad drives, it's a considerable speed improvement to fail

# those drives immediately.


# Run a captive short SMART self test before beginning the wipe

# and fail the wipe if any self test has failed.


# Check for existing smart error logs before wiping and if more exist

# than the value specified below, fail the wipe.


# Set the maximum allowed number of remapped sectors (as reported by SMART). 

# Fail the wipe if this maximum is exceeded.


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