Some Apple do have a T2 security enabled. This might prevent the user to boot from external media like the USB, which is needed to boot the software. 

Turning off the T2 security is the most simple way, after that you can boot WipeDrive 9. 

For this reboot the machine and as soon as the "Apple chime" sounds, press the Special Apple key ( ) and R key simultaneously. This will show the MacOS Utilities with various options, also the option to reinstall the MacOS software. Select this and reinstall the MacOS. Make sure you connect to the internet first

If you get an error shown about the Partition not being correctly setup, go to Disk Utility and select the drive and perform the Apple "Erasure". As this is not a real erasure, it should take seconds. This will also fix the partition layout. 

After the reinstall you login to the MacOS software, this will need some basic steps like connection to the internet and go through some settings, all should be straight forward. 

Reboot the machine and open Startup Security Utility, see the steps here below:

    1. Turn on your Mac, then press and hold Command (⌘)-R immediately after you see the Apple logo. Your Mac starts up from macOS Recovery.

    2. When you're asked to select a user you know the password for, select the user, click Next, then enter their administrator password. 

    3. When you see the macOS utilities window, choose Utilities > Startup Security Utility from the menu bar.

    4. When you're asked to authenticate, click Enter macOS Password, then choose an administrator account and enter its password.

    5. It should open the Startup Security Utility. Make sure "no security" is set and it does "Allow booting from external media"

    6. All set now, ready to boot from USB. 

Please note we advise different settings for Apple to avoid issues. As you will boot Apple from USB most of the time, you can setup a "special Apple USB" with the Apple settings. If needed, our support team can make a USB with Duo config option. Meaning you can select a config before booting. Email us to request this. 

See our article on the settings here:

The key combination: 

The MacOS Utilities:

The Startup Security Utility:

If the software seem to 'act strange' (White screen shown, known on the A1990) you should boot in text mode. 

In some rare cases it might be that the screen is not correctly shown, you can change this is needed.

Currently, Apple has the following Mac types listed for having the T2 Chip:
  • iMac Pro.
  • Mac Pro – starting with the 2019 models.
  • Mac Mini – starting with the 2018 models.
  • MacBook Pro – starting with the 2018 models.
  • MacBook Air – starting with the 2018 models.

    If you have any issue during the setup of the software, config files or anything else, please contact us via one of below options.

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    Our official support hours are 8:00 am to 16:30 pm, after those hours emailing us or submitting a ticket would be the best option.