Important: Making this changes need some more technical knowledge and need to be done carefully. 

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If you use the Aiken Workbench the Reports/Logs can be saved to a folder on this server. This folder will be located in awbclient >> wd >> logs

As this folder will prevent you to make any changes to this folder and it’s files you’ll need to give root access to this folder. Those folders normally have a lock icon on the folder or are marked with a cross icon. 


There are 2 options to change this.

  1. A single command can be given in the terminal a command that will gain access for xx time. New subfolders or files will need to get new permission to the folder/files. 
  2. Make a returning task (CronJob) with the command as above. This will run the command every xx time so you’ll have access to the files at any time. 


FileZilla or some other tool might be needed to dial in to this server to get the reports copied from it. 


Single command: 

Open the terminal and command

sudo chmod -R 777 /awbclient/wd/logs/ 



After an xx time or if a new folder is created the command needs to be given. 

If you do not have subfolders it might be that the files cannot be accessed and therefore the command needs to be given again. 


CronJob task:

To have a task performed each xx time there must be a bash shell created. This shell will be activated at the time you have set the Cronjob.  

In this example the Bash shell name is ‘chmod’ referring to the command, if you want you can give it a different name but remember to change all names throughout the instruction.  


Open the terminal and command all of below commands


sudo su

cd Documents/





An empty text file will be opened, here we need to create the bash command the crontab. Add below text to the file:



sudo bash << EOF

chmod -R 777 /awbclient/wd/logs/




Save the file by clicking on the save button on the right top part of the window. 


Now the file must be made executable. Therefor below commands need to be given:

chmod +x



If you would command ls (list files) it should be shown in green, this means it’s executable. 


Now the file can be started the cronjob can be set. 

First command below and in the appearing text you can select the suggested option, in below example it will be ‘2’. 


crontab -e  

than choose the preferred option, 2 in below example


A new window will be opened and use the ‘arrow down key’ or ‘mouse scroll down’ to go to the bottom of the file


Here we need to add the command cronjob needs to perform, but also set the time in which this has to be done. In my example I will let the job be activated every 5 minutes. 

To do so add this line to the file:

*/5 * * * * bash script /awbadmin/Documents/



Press CTRL + O & Enter to save the file then press CTRL + X & Enter to close the file


Explanation of the cronejob time


There are 5 time settings, 

1st one is the minutes, 

2nd is the hours

3rd is the Days of the month 

4th is the months

5th is the days of the week. 


In this example we will use only the minutes, so the 1st one, the other will be all ‘stars’ meaning it will be always. 


*/5  means each 5 minutes, you can change that to */1 for every minute. */10 for each 10 minutes, */15 of each 15 minutes, and so on. 

each 5 minutes should be more than enough for this task. 


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