If a server does not show the drives a few steps need to be taken to seee if all is setup properly.

First restart the server and check if the controller can see the drives. If not that's the cause. 

If it does, make sure the raid is broken down and no new one is setup and check if the controller is set to HBA or JBOD mode, if changed, just reboot from here. 

The software should see the drives on disk level now. 

If that does not work exit the software by starting to type "exit" and confirm you want to leave to the command line.

There you type below 3 command and send the feedback to support@global-emea.com

cat /proc/partitions
Press enter

ls /sys/block
Press enter

Take a screenshot/picture and send that information over. 

Than type ./support.sh and follow up the instructions. It will create a support file which you can save to FAT32 USB or send over the network. For internet a internet connection is requirered and you'll need to have a support ticket number from WhiteCanyon support. It will be added to that ticket. This is not advised. 

Once the file is created send this over to support@global-emea.com, add the make and model of the controller to the email.

We will investigate the files and feedback to see what is causing the issue. 

Auto Disassembly: :

In the config file you might want to check if the auto break down is set to 'true': 


In the GUI it can be found here: 

WipeDrive does not work with Perc H700 series as those do not support HBA/JBOD mode.

There are also some known issues with the SmartArray P410

If this article was not helpful and more help is needed please contact us via one of below options. 


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Our official support hours are 8:00 am to 16:30 pm, after those hours emailing us or submitting a ticket would be the best option. 


When contacting our support team, please refer to the article you’ve checked and if possible add a picture of the error and add information on the hardware that’s giving the error. Make always sure you’re using the latest version.