WipeDrive is able to consume licenses from a licenses key, a Dongle. We do have 2 versions;

1. 'Normal' dongle, small key, contains only the licenses.

2. 'Advanced' dongle, bigger key, can also contain the software and/or wipe reports.

Normal dongle

Advanced dongle

WipeDrive has 3 different tools to View, Update and/or Recharge the dongle:

  1. If the dongle licenses has been expired or new licenses need to be added

  2. If you want to see if the Licenses are on the dongle

  3. If you need to have Detalys licenses on the Dongle

The manual: http://orem.whitecanyon.com/downloads/UserGuides/Blue-Dongle.pdf 

Note: This will apply the Licenses dongle and the Advanced Dongle


If your dongle has been expired you need to Contact your sales representive first so he/she can updated your account first. 

Download and run the Dongle recharge tool. It will ask you for your licenses code, fill that in and click on update. It should now get a new expiration date.

1. Fill in the licenses code


2. Click update without moving any licenses

With the dongle viewer tool you can confirm if the data has been changed.

If the update did not work as it should be, please restart the recharge tool, put 1 licenses on the cloud, restart the tool and put the licenses back on the Dongle.



Update // Recharge:

Download and run the Dongle recharge tool. It will ask you for your licenses code, fill that in and click on select the amount of licenses you want to add to the dongle. One done confirm and it’s updated.

Please check the expiration date while doing this, if needed we can change that for you.

If you want to put the licenses back on the cloud you can use the same tool.

1. Fill in the licenses code

2. Move the licenses between the server/cloud and dongle


To add the hardware test licenses to the dongle you must use the 3rd download link.
Download and run the tool, fill in your licenses code and add/remove licenses from the dongle.


In case you want to use the Dongle in combination with the PXE server, you need to make some changes in the wd-options.cfg file.





Make sure this line starts with a # so this option will be skipped.


This needs to have the IP of the server/machine where the dongle is placed at. is the default IP of the PXE server. 


This will be the IP of the PXE server, the default IP if the PXE server is

Note: Bear in mind the versions 9.7 and newer do not need the progress IP for PXE server communication, unless the IP has changed to a none default IP. The default one is  

If this article was not helpful and more help is needed please contact us via one of below option. 


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Our official support hours are 8:00 am to 16:30 pm, after those hours emailing us or submitting a ticket would be the best option. 


When contacting our support team, please refer to the article you’ve checked and if possible add a picture of the error and add information on the hardware that’s giving the error. Make always sure you’re using the latest version.