We do have 2 options to connect to the Wi-Fi, either via script or via the GUI. 

Network.cfg option: 

In the ISO you can find a config file sample-network.cfg. Change this name to network.cfg (remove sample- from the file name) and change below part in this file: 

# If you have a supported wireless adapter set the ssid.  Make sure ip_address is correctly set (normally dhcp)

ssid=[add your SSID]

# If your wireless network requires a password use the following to set it.  If you set it to prompt

#it will have to be manually entered

wireless_key=[Wireless key]

# Wireless connections can take a while to complete.  The default timeout for the connection

# to be made is 20 seconds.  Adjust as needed


Please note you need to remove the # in from of the lines you are changing. 

Those lines are:




Important note: 

This Wi-Fi setup will not work when booted from PXE. So do not use this file in any PXE setup. 

The use of the network.cfg can be a fixed solution in case a batch of machines do not have ethernet ports, broken ethernet ports or just no cabled connection can be used. 

In the bottom of this manual it will also show how to use the GUI to setup Wi-Fi, this will be a more "one time fix" solution.

GUI option:

When the software is booted, please go to "options" in the right top corner of the screen

In Options | Setting You go to the last tab

NOTE: If there is no "wireless" tab it might be that either the WLAN module is broken, not supported or turned off. To see if it is in the machine and working you can type "exit" (Just start typing) and leave to the command line and type "ip addr" (No quotes) and see if anything like Wireless is shown. 

On the Tab Wireless you can select the Wi-Fi you want to use, and click on "connect". 

A popup for the password shall be shown and when the right password is used, the software will now connect over Wi-Fi. 

If you need more information or help, please contact us via one of below options. 


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Our official support hours are 8:00 am to 16:30 pm, after those hours emailing us or submitting a ticket would be the best option.