The x86 and amd64 installation manuals can be found as downloads at the bottom of this page. The command will be shown here in this article. For the x86 commands are the same, but the parts 'amd64' needs to be replaced with 'x86'. 

For most machines the amd64 can be used as this is for the 64 Bit machines, x86 can be used for 32 Bit machines. 

To get this setup you need to make a wd-options.cfg. Attached as download the version for WinPE. Make sure the file is named: wd-options.cfg.

It is possible to sent the reports to Samba Share | Windows Share. You can find the instruction here in this article or in PDF as download file. 

Below are the command (for the amd64 build) you can use to set it up, those command can be copied from here to the command line, if done from PDF it might have some changes in text making it not work. Please use the PDF alongside below commands, to make sure the right steps are taken and some extra guidance can be found. 

Before you start download and install the needed software:


Then you need to download needed WipeDrive Windows files:

32 Bit:

64 Bit: 

Unzip them and make sure you are left with the WDW folder. 

Open the "Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment" as Administrator. 

Once opened give the first 4 commands, each one is 1 line of text/code.



copype amd64 C:\winpe_amd64


Dism /Mount-Image /ImageFile:"C:\winpe_amd64\media\sources\boot.wim" /index:1 /MountDir:"C:\winpe_amd64\mount"


Dism /Add-Package /Image:"C:\winpe_amd64\mount" /PackagePath:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\amd64\WinPE_OCs\"


Dism /Add-Package /Image:"C:\winpe_amd64\mount" /PackagePath:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\amd64\WinPE_OCs\"

If needed, you can add drivers to this build. Think of drivers for Network, Controllers or any other driver.  

Note: include only 64 Bit with amd64 and 32 Bit with x86. 


Example pages to find the driver packs: 

HP Driver Pack: 

Dell Driver Pack: 


Note: Above are full pack of drives, you can also add single drivers. 

Note: the command for .cab files and for .inf files are different, make sure you use the right one.

Note: Make sure that the .sys and .dll files are present in the same directory.


For .cab files: 

Dism /Add-Driver /Image:"C:\winpe_amd64\mount" /Driver:"C:\drivers_to_add" /Recurse

For .inf files: 

Dism /Add-Driver /Image:"C:\WinPE_amd64\mount" /Driver:"C:\SampleDriver\driver.inf"

Now we need to create a winpeshl.ini file. This can be done by making a .txt file first and change it to the .ini file. 

The line of code with Net use will make it save to Samba, if you do not have this setup, leave the line out of the file. If you do want to use it, fine more information below or in the PDF Samba_WinPE. But make sure you do this before you go to the next step. 

Add below part to the file: 



Net use z: \\Server\share /user username Password

"%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\WDW\WipeDriveWindows.exe"

Copy .ini file to: C:\winpe_amd64\mount\Windows\System32\

Copy WDW Folder INCLUDING wd-options.cfg copy to C:\winpe_amd64\mount\Program Files

Create C:\winpe_amd64\mount\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\Desktop

Close ALL tabs and folders and give below 2 commands:

Dism /Unmount-Image /MountDir:"C:\winpe_amd64\mount" /commit

MakeWinPEMedia /ISO C:\winpe_amd64 C:\winpe_amd64\winpe_amd64.iso

It's done, the file could be found on C:\winpe_amd64\winpe_amd64.iso

Connecting to SAMBA:

To connect WinPe to Samba you need to add the connection settings to the ‘winpeshl.ini’ file you made during the setup of the WinPE ISO.  Please make sure you follow up below instructions carefully, any typo will make it fail to connect. 

TIP: Use the Z: as drive letter, even though you might not have a Z: drive, this will be a virtual drive. 

TIP: If you boot an empty WinPE verion (available upon request) yo ucan test that line of code to see if it works before building the file. 

Note: In this instruction below some examples are used, make sure you change that so it fits your setup. 


In the config file you need to make sure 3 settings are setup. 

1. log-file-types=[value(s)]

Options: r=plain text, x=XML, p=PDF

Multiple may apply, e.g log-file-types=xp

2. log-directory=[drive location]

Use the drive letter where the share folder is located, e.g. log-directory=Z:\

3. log-filename-pattern=[value(s)]

Use the pattern to re-name the saved files, make to add in brackets ( { & } )

Values are: hd-serial, date, time, time24, username, custom, serial, wipe-status, macaddress. Multiple may apply, use ‘-’ or ‘_’ between them.

Example: log-filename-pattern={hd-serial}-{wipe-status}


In this file there is a line to use the connection ‘net use’ here you can define a location, specify a user and password. 

It should be like this: net use [drive letter]: \\[IP]\[Folder name] /user:[domain]\[user name] [password]

Example: Net use Z: \\\SharedFolder /user:DESKTOP-C\global P@ssWord

Note: To get the domain you can open the command prompt on the Samba machine and type: set user  This will show the domain and user that will be needed, its found under USERDOMAIN. In this example it is DESKTOP-C. 

On the first boot up of the WinPE version, see if the drive location can be found.

If, for any reason, the drive location cannot be found go to the command line and type in the ‘net use’ command (full string as set in the .ini file) to see if it works and the command is correct. If not, please contact support some help sorting this out. Make sure a picture is send to support. 

Upon request we do have empty WinPE builds available for testing, those can be requested at our support team.  

If you have any issue during the setup of the software, config files or anything else, please contact us via one of below options. 


 |   Email us   |   Submit a ticket   |   Give us a call    |


Our official support hours are 8:00 am to 16:30 pm, after those hours emailing us or submitting a ticket would be the best option.