WipeDrive9 and newer do support the simultaneously erasure of SSD and HDD.

Note: The NIST 800-88r1 single or triple pass do work perfect on all type of drives. You could use this instead of the SSD Smart wipe. The SSD Smart wipe cannot achieve any of the NIST classifications. So for those it's not needed to use the "Job per Drive".  

We do have the option to detect a SSD, NVMe or SSHD and switch over to a SSD Smart wipe option or any other preferred method. 

In the GUI this can be done on the Wipe Settings tab on the right side of the screen.

If you want to change this in the wd-options.cfg file you have to change below part





This example is set to SSD smart wipe, which is the best for Flash storage as SSD and NVMe. You can set the via the capital i (I).

If you need version 9 please download it from here: 

Stand alone: https://download.whitecanyon.com/wipedrive/wd-enterprise-dongle.iso

PXE server: https://download.whitecanyon.com/wipedrive/wd-pxe-enterprise-dongle.iso 

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