If a reports shows "Drive has DCO features but they have been locked out prior to WipeDrive Running" it means that the DCO area is untouched.

You might want to make sure a secure erase is preformed during the wipe process. 

You can find the settings in the config file (wd-options.cfg) 



In the GUI you can check both boxes for this feature.

So make sure the # is in front of the lines or the boxes are checked, this will make sure it access the DCO and clears it.

In the config file you can find some more settings arround the DCO feature. This might give an extra layer of security in case the DCO is fully locked or cannot be removed. 


# DCO Options



# Enable a prompt allowing the user to skip DCO/HPA removal.



# An SSD was found that had DCO IDENTIFY information with incorrect sector count for the drive.

# This error caused WipeDrive to attempt more sectors than the drive actually had and also to attempt to

# remove a DCO size adjustment of the drive. Setting ignore-dco-size will tell WipeDrive to

# ignore the size reported by DCO IDENTIFY and instead use the size information from IDENTIFY.



# Some computers 'lock' DCO features on boot. When this is done WipeDrive can not

# determine if the drive size has been altered with the DCO feature. Normally,

# WipeDrive will put a warning in the log file indicating that DCO has been locked

# and the actual size of the drive could not be determined. This means WipeDrive can't 

# know if it has completely wiped the drive. In most cases all user data will have

# been removed but the warning is important for full disclosure. If you do not want

# this warning to appear in the logs, use the option below. (added in version 8.1.2)

#hide-dco-locked-warning=true  (removed and replaced with dco-lock-warning-level in 9.3)


# Some computers 'lock' DCO features on boot. When this is done WipeDrive can not

# determine if the drive size has been altered with the DCO feature. With the

# dco-lock-warning-level option you can see how the warning in the logs is displayed.

# When set to 'none' will only display yes/no for dco locked.

# When set to 'normal' a simple warning that dco was locked will be logged. (if option not specified normal is used)

# When set to 'verbose' a warning explaining that dco is locked and the problem that can cause will be displayed. 

# NOTE: Must be set to verbose to comply with NCSC logging standards.

# (added 9.1.4)



# WipeDrive normally will not classify the NIST level of a wipe if DCO has been locked.

# Setting this option will allow classification of the wipe if a firmware level command

# reports successful cleaning. You should fully understand issues that the DCO Locked

# state causes before using. Use this option at your own risk. (added in version 8.1.4)



# If you require that a wipe meets a specified NIST wipe level or you consider it a failure

# you can use the following option.  Valid options are 'purge' or 'clear'.

#nist-required-nist-method=purge (added in version 8.3)

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