Importante note: This error is fixed in version 9.6 and newer. If you do not run version 9.6 please update. If, for any reason, you cannot update to version 9.6 you can use below instruction to get a work around. 

On some models of Apple MacBooks it could happen that it get's stuck on the loading screen as shown below

If this happens you can change the grub boot loader and add an extra option, which only applies UEFI machines like some newer Apples. 

Open the ISO or USB and navigate to the folder boot > grub and copy grub.cfg from the ISO / USB to your machine and add below in the buttom of this page.

menuentry "WipeDrive (disable apic)" {

linux /isolinux/vmlinux noapic silent splash console=tty1 cdroot libata.allow_tpm=1 acpi=off
initrd /isolinux/initrd


Save the file back in the same folder and create a new USB in case it is added in the ISO and/or boot the USB and see if it got solved. 

Now, upon boot, it will show an Option named "WipeDrive (Disable APIC)", select this one and it should boot this method and passes by the screen it hangs on. 

This is tested and solved for the models A1534 and A1707 but might not be limited to those. 

If you still have booting issues or something is not clear, please contact us at If you can add a picture of the error and the grub.cfg file that might be helpfull.