If you are using the wd-options.cfg file to make the changes in the software but the software does not copy the setting, please check the below options to be sure everything is done right;

1. Is the filename correct: wd-options.cfg and not wd-options.cfg.txt  Any changes in this filename will not work.  


2. Is the file placed on the right location of the USB or in the ISO. This must be the root folder as shown in 

the picture below.  

3. Try to open this file after you've created an USB or in the ISO and see if the settings are changed in this file. It might be that an empty file or defaul file is used. Copying the wrong file to the ISO or USB happens sometimes. 

4. While making the changes in the config file, did you remove the # in front of the lines that you wanted to use? Only than the software does see them. 

5. Make sure you're using the right values and settings. If you change the value or setting to a not supported value/setting we will omit this line and it might fall back to default. 
Example: if you change the language to 9 it will fall back to 0 which is English. 

If all seems to be correct please contact support at support@global-emea.com to get this solved. 

Please send the .cfg file with the email to see what might be wrong. Also send a picture of the screen after you have typed 'exit' and left the GUI. (You can start typing exit as this is a 'hidden' feature) 

The root folder.