It might happen that on some models the screen resolution is incorrect. You can exit the software and give a command to change the resolution. 

You exit the software by typing exit somewhere in the PXE or wipe software, a popup as below will appear:

Please confirm you would like to leave to the command line.

fbset -xres xvalue -yres yvalue -match

Where 'xvalue' and 'yvalue' correspond to the size of the screen in pixels.

Example: fbset -xres 1024 -yres 768 -match

Some known resolutions are:
2560x1600 (newer Macbooks)

To go back to GUI you can type:

PXE:       net_ui

Client:     wd_ui

Do not go back to the GUI via the 'exit' command, this will reload the software omitting the command. 

Than you can script this. Make a .sh file named if this is used on the client or if used on the PXE server and add below in to it (Yellow part must be changed)


fbset -xres xvalue -yres yvalue -match


Save it and drop it in the ISO/USB it will now it will change the resolution before loading the software. 

If you need help or this does not fix the error please contact us at