It can happen that the software drops back to the command line. This can happen while it is booting the software or straight after the wipe.  Those 2 have 2 different causes. 

>> Software drops to command line before booting/loading the software.

There might be an error in the wd-options.cfg file. In most cases it will show an error why it has failed to boot, like in below example. 

Change the setting in the wd-options.cfg file and the software should boot normally.

>> The software boot, the drives are wiped but right after the wipe the software drops to the command line. 

There is a setting in the wd-options.cfg file that might cause the error: reduced-prompting=true

Add the #-sign back in front of this command. 

If the issue still remains, take a picture of the screen/error and send this to