WipeDrive mobile can work arround some of the locks or work on phones with some locks. 

iOS devices: 


If an iOS device has a screen lock you can still wipe those devices. You must change the "iOS erasing conditions" for that. 

It should be set to: "Erase devices automatically"

Can be found at: Tools >> Settings >> Volume >> Erasure 

Find My iPhone (FMI)

If an iOS device has an FMI lock, WipeDrive Mobile can wipe the device, but we will not remove the lock from the device. Upon the new activation of the device it will prompt a screen where the previous user details should be added. 

Android devices:


If an Android device has a screenlock you cannot put the device in Debug mode, if not done already. Therefor no connection can be made and the device cannot be processed. 

A possible work around will be to factory reset the device first via the key combination. You can google per model the exact keys to be pressed. Below example will show some Samsung models. 

[Credits to Samsung for the clear picture]

Once done you can access the phone, activate it and put debug mode one. Please note that if the device has an Google account you can not activate the devicve.

Pro-tip: See this article to get more information how to activate android devices: 



Non of the user accounts, Samsung account or Xiaomi account will be an issue for processing the device.

Those will be removed in the wiping process. 

Google account

If a device has a Google account you cannot activate the device it will show below screen, from there you cannot continue. 

If you can wipe the device with the lock on it, WipeDrive Mobile will not remove the lock. 

Please contact support at support@global-emea.com if more help is needed.