Android devices that need to be diagnosed or verified have to be activated and put in debug mode. This process can take some time. To speed this process up WipeDrive Mobile does support the Activation via QR code or NFC tag. 

This feature will also turn on the Debug mode. 

To activate the Android device via the NFC tag you can create one using a Android device.

If you restart the software it will promt you with this option. Connect a Android 6 or newer device. Follow the instruction on screen. 

Once you have an NFC tag you can simply hold the tag to the phone you need to activate. 

To activate the Android device via the QR, scan the code via the settings shown on screen.

This works from Android 7 and newer. You can get to this by tapping 7 times on the Welcome screen and follow the instructions on screen. 

You can find the QR code under Tools >> Device Activation