Once you have booted the PXE server for the first time on a machine it will be temporary on the RAM, if you reboot the machine it will not boot the PXE server. If you would like to install it permanently on the hard drive you need to take care of below steps:

Please note that if you want to use the wd-options.cfg file this has to be in the ISO or on the USB before you start the installation.

First boot the software, then type  exit somewhere in the PXE software, a popup as below will appear:

Please confirm you would like to leave to the command line.

Here you need to give this command and hit enter: /hard_drive_install/hdinstall.sh

Once the installation is done, type 'exit' again to reboot the software. 

The installation will now be done on the hard drive. After this you can change the settings if needed.

If you need help from our support team, please email us at support@global-emea.com