In the ISO you can find various config files, the CFG files. Those files can be modified to change the behaviour of the software.

The file wd-options.cfg will change all the settings in the software

The file network.cfg will change all network settings of the client

The file pxe-options.cfg will change all the settings of the PXE server. 

Make sure they have this exact name, any other name will fail to load in to the software

Please note you might want to use all the sample-[filename].cfg as source of your settings. 

All the setting options starting with a #-sign. You need to activate the setting, most cases this is the last line, by removing the #-sign from only that last line.

Example:   Below part is to change the language of the software. By removing the # from the last line and by changing the value from 0 to 3 the software will  switch to Spanish.

# Set the specific display language that WipeDrive uses. The following languages

# are supported (English is default):

#    0) English

#    1) French

#    2) French Canadian

#    3) Spanish

#    4) Japanese (note: this requires the X-Windows version to support Japanese input)


Note! The filename of the settings file has to be: wd-options.cfg, network.cfg or pxe-options.cfg to make it visuable for the software. Any typo in the file name will give issues while booting the software. 

Note! You cannot change values outside the range. So language ID 6 does not work and will give errors. Changing True in to False might not work either. Just out command that feature by putting back the #-sign.

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